When we launched Brevio in May 2020 we knew that it was a vital solution, made ever more crucial by the covid-19 pandemic. But we also knew that it wasn’t going to be easy, because behavioural change never is. 

Over the past six months we’ve been busy telling charities and funders about what we’re doing and how Brevio can support them by automating the initial steps in grant applications.

We’ve also been busy putting together a highly motivated team of visionary game changers – all during the midst of a global pandemic.

‘I learnt that it’s not impossible to build a great team in lockdown,’ said our CEO Philip Hodgson. Read his reflections on building a remote team.

We’re working hard to show funders the value of using Brevio by giving them the chance to trial it for themselves, free of charge. We’ve also made it free for charities up until May 2021 so they can see it for themselves too. Already we’ve had a number of small foundations and philanthropists jump on board, as well as big and small charities.

Some funders are using Brevio as a research tool to gain insights on the sector and supplement their current grant making system. Other funders are piloting Brevio anonymously, without publishing their grants publicly. We’ve built Brevio to be as flexible as possible for both funders and charities so they can use it in the way that best suits them. Watch this space for more details on major organisations joining us on Brevio. 

Proving the Brevio concept

In September we had the first Brevio match that resulted in a successful funding application. Our Founder, well-established philanthropist Marcelle Speller, decided to trial Brevio for herself by setting up her own funding criteria. Soon after that she received matches and applications and then chose a charity to award her grant to. 

‘Brevio gave me the information and tools I needed to make an informed decision about who to grant my funding to,’ said Marcelle. Read her reflections on the experience.

A chicken and egg situation

We know funders are more likely to sign up if there are lots of charities on Brevio. It’s a chicken and egg situation. That’s why we’re asking charities not to wait. It’s so important that charities join Brevio now and let funders know that we can’t accept the status quo. Funders want to know that when they join Brevio there are charities on board and ready to apply to their funds.

Vote for change

Each new organisation that signs up to Brevio is a vote for a less wasteful system. Your charity can help lead the way by joining Brevio and telling others about us. If there are funders that you work with regularly, let them know you’re on Brevio and ask them to consider switching their applications. Let’s start a movement and sort this out once and for all.

We’ve built the platform – now it’s up to you

Input from major grant makers and charities over 18 months, together with research from the University of Bath, lots of money, and cross sector experts have developed Brevio – it’s now up to you. Help us spread the word by letting your network know about Brevio.