As the UK progresses through the recovery phase of coronavirus, it’s clear that charities will have a big role to play. 

From providing essential services to vulnerable people, to supporting our NHS and other key organisations – charities are at the heart of the recovery effort. But they can only continue to do so with government support.

At Brevio we believe that government can lead the way in building a more resilient third sector and strengthening the role of charities. Which is why we’ve submitted a proposal to MP Danny Kruger’s call for submissions on how government can maximise the role of charities, volunteers and community groups.

‘Government has a role to play in supporting the voluntary effort and social entrepreneurialism that have proved valuable so far, and will be just as vital in the years ahead.’ – Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. 

Using data and technology to drive efficiency

Our proposal focuses on ‘The opportunities of data and technology to improve the effectiveness of charities and social enterprises, and to enhance collaboration between organisations in the public, private and community sectors.’

Brevio offers a single, standardised digital grant application process for charities and grant makers. Funders enter their eligibility criteria on Brevio (not the actual funds), and our advanced technology matches charities with grants they are eligible for. The platform also provides valuable insights into what funding is available and where the need is. 

Data and technology are at the heart of Brevio’s vision: A third sector where all inefficiencies between funders and charities are eliminated, so these organisations can fully focus on value-added activities to better achieve their purpose.

Our goal is for Brevio to be a central part of an integrated marketplace for data-driven decision making across the third sector. Linking together data on social needs, grants criteria, applications, and grants made, would prove a valuable resource for government to monitor the impact of different policies.

A solution that reduces the financial burden and improves productivity

We’ve spoken at length about the problem we’re working to solve – 168,000 registered charities applying to 9,000 grant makers (each with their own application form) costing the sector £1.1bn each year. And even worse, 66% of these applications fail. 

While the covid pandemic has seen many grant makers step in to help charities and community organisations by making new grants available, in some ways this has created more problems. 

Each new application created has a cost. If every registered charity applies to one new application, it would cost the sector an additional £53 million. This is in addition to the cost for the grant maker to design and promote the application form, and reject ineligible applications. 

Rescue, recovery and resilience funding is well meaning, but a more strategic approach is needed.

So where does government fit in?

In our proposal we call on the UK government to embrace the innovative solution that Brevio offers. 

The government is in a unique position to champion the transformation that is so desperately needed across the third sector. 

One of the ways they can do this is by making some government grants available on Brevio. This would help to prove the concept and encourage other grant makers to follow suit.

The power of Brevio lies in the collective will of the sector to embrace transformation. We believe government can play a vital role in not only embracing and encouraging, but demonstrating how technology, like Brevio, can transform the sector.