As the year draws to a close we want to thank all of the charities and funders who have joined us on Brevio, as well as all of our supporters across the third sector and government. 

We know it has not been an easy year. Charities have faced more hardships than ever before, with an increased demand for services and a decrease in funding streams. While funders have faced increased pressure to provide charities with some much-needed relief while adapting to the ‘new normal’. 

After we launched in May, we were excited to have so many of you join, signalling your commitment to embracing a better grant application system. We’ve now had a number of successful applications made through the platform, proving the true value of Brevio.

Since May we’ve been on an improvement journey with the goal of giving our Brevio users an even better experience. Thanks to vital feedback from users we’ve made a number of changes to the platform, some big and some small.

Here are just some of those improvements…

A new dashboard for charities and funders

Our freshly updated user dashboard gives both charities and funders a more user-friendly layout to navigate. The dashboard now includes a status bar to help you keep track of your progress, and gives you prompts for any steps you need to take to get the most out of Brevio.

Add links to supporting assets within your funding needs

Charities can now add links to web pages, videos, campaigns or other digital assets that help tell their story or provide more details about a particular project.

More focus areas and beneficiary groups to choose from 

Thanks to feedback from charities on the platform, we’ve updated the available categories within our focus areas and beneficiaries. This helps both charities and funders be more specific about what they need funding for, and what they want to fund. And it can improve your chances of getting a match.

Improvements to our form accessibility

We’re constantly working to make the platform more accessible and we recently made some small changes to our form to ensure that it works well on a range of different devices and browsers. No matter how you access Brevio, we want you to have a user-friendly experience.

Trustee diversity questions

Brevio now includes the option to add information about the diversity of a charity’s trustees. This is handy for funders who may require this information for their reporting purpose. It’s also a great way for charities to showcase their commitment to diversity.

Save, withdraw and resubmit applications with ease

Thanks to feedback from charities we’ve improved the platform’s autosave feature to ensure you don’t lose any hard work. We’ve also made it easier to withdraw and resubmit an application, in case you made a mistake or any details have since changed. 

Got feedback on the platform?

We’re always looking for more ways in which we can improve Brevio. If you’ve got any feedback or ideas get in touch with us: