In celebration of World Earth Day, 22 April 2021, we’re acknowledging the vital contribution that the charity sector makes to advancing environmental initiatives, climate action and restoring our earth.

Here are some of the environmentally-focused charities on Brevio now:

Future Trees Trust

Future Trees Trust are the only UK charity dedicated to improving broadleaved trees by conventional selective breeding. In just the same way that it’s possible to breed better cows, pigs, wheat, apples and roses, it’s possible to do the same with broadleaved trees. It takes much longer, but the results can be world-changing.

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Rainforest Concern

Rainforest Concern protects threatened natural habitats and the biodiversity they contain, together with the indigenous people who still depend on them for survival. The world’s tropical rainforests are the richest and most diverse habitats on earth. They represent a vast reservoir of knowledge and contain a wealth of ecosystems and wildlife, with many species still undiscovered.

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Earth Balance

Earth Balance promotes and advances the education of the public in the principles of sustainable development and the protection and preservation of the environment. Their work also promotes physical and mental health.

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EcoACTIVE educates and inspires young people to create a better planet. They are committed to offering environmental education to support our local communities’ wellbeing. They use hands-on, practical approaches to explore complex issues of sustainability. 

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PATT Foundation

PATT Foundation currently works to campaign for better environmental practices, take action against climate change, implement small to medium scale tree planting projects, set up school tree nurseries, provide environmental education and fund community development projects in rural communities centred on tree planting and reforestation. Their most recent focus has been supporting the Northern Forest initiative to plant 50m trees in the UK

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