Our Funder’s FAQs

  • Who is behind Brevio and why should I trust it?

    Brevio is a social enterprise Ltd company, and we’re B-Corp pending, meaning we are deeply committed to having a positive impact on people, society – and we continually invest in research and development that will further help the sector.

    Brevio was founded and is funded by highly accomplished philanthropist Marcelle Speller, who was awarded an OBE for her work in the voluntary sector.

    We are independent, which means we are impartial and can fairly meet the needs of both funder and applicants.

    Brevio’s solution has been co-created with major UK funders, as well as charities big and small. Right from the beginning, we have always sought feedback from Third Sector organisations to guide Brevio’s development. This collaborative approach to building Brevio’s platform creates a sustainable solution that works for you.

    The University of Bath have been a great supporter of Brevio, and right from the start have provided academic rigor to Brevio’s research and development. We now have three academics from the University of Bath on Brevio’s board of directors. The board consists world leading experts spanning technology, academia, government and blue chip organisations. You can see our team page here.

  • Are you going to vet and approve charities on the platform?

    If a charity is registered in the UK, we will check it against the charities commission through our platform API. The funder can specify if they want to be paired with unregistered charities, if they do, they will have their own vetting procedures outside of Brevio.

    Brevio have had initial discussions with a major UK funder who are developing a highly sophisticated due diligence tool.

  • Can I use Brevio to identify charities that need funding?

    Yes, when designing your fund you will be able to flex criteria to see where the need is. Only eligible charities can apply to your grants – including new charities you may have not come across before.

    The matching is carried out on 82 search criteria, plus 29,667 location Breakdowns, 374 clauses, and 245 beneficiary groups.

    You decide who to fund, Brevio provides a list of eligible applicants.

  • Does Brevio handle the money?

    No funds go on Brevio. It’s your money and it stays in your bank account until you decide to send it to whoever you choose to send it to.

    All you do is set up your eligibility criteria, then wait for eligible charities to apply.

  • I already have a grant management software

    Brevio seamlessly integrates with grant management software via our API.

    The API means the data can be automatically transferred between Brevio and your system once it is initially set up.


  • I'm a philanthropist and don't have grant management software.

    That’s ok. You can use Brevio to make funding decisions.

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