Brevio for Funders

Brevio will make funding grants better for you, by giving you the tools to sharpen your focus and make smarter decisions.
Truly simple

One standard application format for each of your grants
Time saving

Filter your criteria in real time to manage supply and demand
Better results

Only eligible charities can apply to your grants - including ones new to you
Full control

Add one or two custom questions for criteria unique to you
Seamless working

Fully integrates with your grant management system

How it works

1) Sign up

Create an account through the Brevio website

2) Describe the fund

Add as many funds (and rounds within funds) as you need

3) Set criteria

See how the pool of applicants increases or decreases in real-time as you set the eligibility criteria

4) Review applicants

Pull a short/ long list of applicants to your grant management software, or make a decision who to fund on the platform

Together we can make grants better

The the time spent searching and applying for funds could be better spent on the issues you care about most. Through using Brevio, you can significantly reduce the amount of time and money spent on applications, giving you more resources to contribute to your organisation’s mission.


Average number of grants each charity applies per year


Average hours required to complete a typical application


Money spent by charities on unsuccessful grants per year

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