For grant givers

For grant givers, Brevio offers a range of technology solutions, from a full white label service to highly customisable embedded application forms and shortlisting tools.

For organisations who already have their own grant management systems, Brevio simply feeds into this highly eligible applications based on the impact you are looking to create.

Grant Making Organisations & Trusts

For established funders, Brevio can feed highly eligible applications directly into your existing systems, while making it easier for charities to apply to you.

Corporate Foundations

For companies looking to expand their charitable mission, Brevio can provide a range of customisable technology solutions and instant access to charities who can fulfil their mission.

Individual donor / Philanthropist

For philanthropists, Brevio provides you with a suite of tools that will guide you through the process of what data to ask charities for in order to make data-led decisions and drive impact.

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The Benefits
Low risk

Brevio is making fundamental, long term, impactful change, and you can partner at very low risk to your organisation.
Maintain total control

Brevio is a matching platform. You decide who to fund, and make the payments. No fund money goes onto Brevio.
Cutting edge technology

Harness Brevio’s technology for the mundane tasks, so you and your team can focus on higher value activities.
The power of the data

Drive the sector forward by working together. Unleash the power of grant data to make better, insight driven decisions.

How much does Brevio cost?

All our funders are given a no commitment free trial, and you can stay on that trial until you are sure you are happy with Brevio. Then we will work with you to develop a pricing structure that is fair and reasonable for everyone.

Whats included in the Free trial?
No commitment free trial
Full platform feature set
Keep all of your data, even after your trial
Advice to get you set up
Contact us to start your Free no commitment trial

Simple to set up & use

1) Sign up

Our customer service team will help set up your account

2) Set eligibility criteria

See how the pool of applicants increases or decreases in real-time as you set the eligibility criteria

3) Simple integration

Integrate into your existing grant management system, or use Brevio to make your grant decisions

4) Review applicants

You make the decision who to fund and you handle the funding money

Next Steps

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