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As a funder you know how much impact your grants can make. But do you want your grants top-sliced by current wasteful administrative costs? Brevio has been built to fix the problem – and you can help lead the change.

Foundations & Trusts

Brevio’s application form seamlessly integrates into your existing systems. Just enter your funding criteria (not your funds). Brevio identifies eligible charities. You decide who to fund.

Wealth Managers & Advisers

Your clients may be interested in philanthropy, but confused by the process. With Brevio, you can provide added value by showing how straight-forward, yet rewarding it can be.

Private Philanthropists

Philanthropic giving doesn’t have to be confusing or labourious. Now you can use Brevio’s technology to identify the charities that deliver services to the causes you care about.

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The Benefits
Low risk

Brevio is making fundamental, long term, impactful change, and you can partner at very low risk to your organisation.
Maintain total control

Brevio is a matching platform. You decide who to fund, and make the payments. No fund money goes onto Brevio.
Cutting edge technology

Harness Brevio’s technology for the mundane tasks, so you and your team can focus on higher value activities.
The power of the data

Drive the sector forward by working together. Unleash the power of grant data to make better, insight driven decisions.

Bringing grant making into the 21st century

Brevio’s powerful technology provides a single application that matches you only with eligible applications - plus lots of other value added features that will save your team money and time.

Geographic Breakdowns:

Admin county
Admin district
Admin ward
Built up area
Built up area sub division
NHS clinical commissioning group
NHS health authority
NHS primary care trust
NHS region
National park
Parliamentary constituency
Postal code
The ultimate place-based grant making

Select geographies that work for you, e.g. national, regional, built-up areas, local authority, postcodes, NHS areas, parliamentary constituencies. View geographies here.
Taking eligibility to the next level

Set eligibility criteria with a choice of 82 search criteria, 29,667 location breakdowns, 374 causes, and 245 beneficiary groups.
Insights for smarter grant making

Flex your eligibility criteria to achieve the greatest impact. See in real time the volume of eligible applicants as you set your eligibility criteria.
Automation & streamlining processes

Brevio chases charities for up to date information so you don’t have to. Free up staff from mundane tasks to work at a higher level of competence.
Some things stay the same

No fund money goes on Brevio. Using Brevio, charities will always be able to apply for free via your website, and you can put your logo on the application form when they do.
You’re in the driving seat

Only eligible applications arrive to you. Seamlessly integrate into your grant management system, giving you a jump start on your decision making process.

How much does Brevio cost?

All our funders are given a no commitment free trial, and you can stay on that trial until you are sure you are happy with Brevio. Then we will work with you to develop a pricing structure that is fair and reasonable for everyone.

Whats included in the Free trial?
No commitment free trial
Full platform feature set
Keep all of your data, even after your trial
Advice to get you set up
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Simple to set up & use

1) Sign up

Our customer service team will help set up your account

2) Set eligibility criteria

See how the pool of applicants increases or decreases in real-time as you set the eligibility criteria

3) Simple integration

Integrate into your existing grant management system, or use Brevio to make your grant decisions

4) Review applicants

You make the decision who to fund and you handle the funding money

Next Steps

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