Brevio for Charities

Brevio will make grants applications easier for you, by reducing the time you waste on them, and allow you to drive your charity’s real purpose.
Truly simple

Just one form for all grant applications
Time saving

No need to research funders’ criteria
Better visibility

You only see grants for which you are eligible - and get alerts for latest ones
No limitations

No limit on number of applications
Full control

You decide which grants you apply to

How it works

1) Sign up

Create an account through the Brevio website

2) Set funding type

Fill out an application for the funding type (e.g. project/idea, core costs, etc.) you are aiming to gain funding for and click submit

3) Match

Instantly review all the existing funding opportunities that your project is eligible for

4) Apply

Select the funds that you wish to progress with and click onto them to start a dialogue with the funder

Together we can make grants better

That the time spent searching and applying for funds could be better spent on the issues you care about most. Through using Brevio, you can significantly reduce the amount of time and money spent on applications, giving you more resources to contribute to your organisation’s mission.


Estimated cost per year to registered charities


Average failure rate of grants applied for in the last year


Money spent by charities on unsuccessful grants per year

Next steps

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