We’re an experienced & passionate team

Brevio’s team spans expertise from the third sector, academia and the private sector. We develop our platform in-house with an expert team of developers and AI specialists. We also regularly consult with other specialists.

Marcelle Speller OBE

Founder and Chairman

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Billy Wright

Board Member | Digital Transformation Specialist

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William Priest

Board Member | Government & Business

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Alistair Brandon Jones

Board Member | Operations Prof University of Bath

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Dimo Dimov

Board Member | Operations Entrepreneurship Professor at UoB

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Julian Padget

Board Member | Computer Science Prof at University of Bath

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How we work

Three core principles guide the way we work:


We consulted many funders and charities in all stages of the development of Brevio and are grateful for their feedback.


The team includes experts from academia, the private sector, the Third Sector, government and a leading digital technology agency.


More than simply adhering to data security and privacy regulations, Brevio puts you in control of your data.

Talk with Brevio

We would love to hear from you if you are a charity, funder or just really interested in what we are doing. Send us a message and we shall get in touch.

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We have co-created Brevio with Charities and Funders both in mind. Learn more now about how Brevio can benefit your organization.