Our Mission

Re-imagining grant making
in the Third Sector

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The problem

Current grant-making processes are wasteful and inefficient. Charities must fill in many slightly different grant-application forms taking hours/ days to complete, often with low success rates.

The solution

Working with the University of Bath, our solution is to standardise grant questions, creating a system rather like UCAS – one application form to apply to multiple grants, freeing up resources for other value-added activities by both the grant applicant and grant maker.

£350 million

estimated industry cost per year

Brevio’s proposal

The Brevio platform will be co-created by grant makers and charities, placing greater automation, insights, and control at the fingertips of both grant-maker and grantee.

Grant makers will benefit from adopting best practice questions, a single source of truth containing the most up- to-date grantee information, and deeper, automated background checks/ due-diligence on Grantees. Greater communication and simple feedback loops mitigate risk and promote grantees doing the best work. The platform will allow for customised questions.

Grantees will benefit from a high degree of automation, only uploading information once, with subsequent similar applications completed automatically. The latest data will be pulled automatically from Companies House or the Charity Commission, and other sources. Recommendation engines will suggest suitable pairings of grantees to grant-makers, eliminating the applications from ineligible charities.


The industry must work together to solve the industry’s problems.

Through collaboration and peer review we believe we can re-imagine a better grant-making system that reduces friction, risk, and costs for both grant-makers and grantees. We are building a working group to help identify and test solutions. Several influential stakeholders have already signed up. If you are interested in contributing to this working group please let us know here.

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The Team

Marcelle Speller OBE

Founder & Chair

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Philip Hodgson


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Alistair Brandon-Jones

Advisor | Operations Professor at University of Bath

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Dimo Dimov

Advisor | Entrepreneurship Professor at University of Bath

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Julian Padget

Advisor | Computer Science Professor at University of Bath

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Billy Wright

Advisor | Digital Transformation Specialist

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William Priest

Advisor | Government & Business

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Annabel Chapman

PA extraordinaire to Marcelle

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