Let’s make grants better together

Brevio’s solution is a standard grant application form which charities fill in just once. Funders enter their eligibility criteria (not the funds). Then Brevio automatically matches charities to funders based on their eligibility. Funders can seamlessly integrate data into their existing systems.

Better for Charities

Brevio will massively reduce the time and money you spend on all grant applications, so you can spend more on your beneficiaries.

Better for Funders

You will only receive applications from charities that are eligible for your funding, so you can use your time more effectively.

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If you are a Charity looking for find out more information about the Brevio application process, you can join one of our weekly webinars.

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Brevio solves a systemic problem

For decades charities have had to waste time and money filling in many slightly different grant applications – and two thirds are unsuccessful. A 2019 study by Brevio and the University of Bath highlighted the scale of the problem. To find out more click here.


Average annual number of grants each charity applies for


Average failure rate of grants applied for in the last year


Average hours required to complete a typical application


Estimated annual staff cost of writing grants (registered charities only)

What is Brevio…


To ensure long term sustainability, both funders and charities will be charged a reasonable annual membership fee


Brevio is independent of any funder or charity so can fairly represent the needs of both grant-makers and charities

Research Led

Through partnerships including the University of Bath and the Behavioural Insights Team, our research will deliver continuous improvement

Thank you!

We would like to thank the many organisations across the sector who have given us their honest and valued feedback. Here are some below:

Who are Brevio?

Brevio is a social enterprise whose seed capital is funded by the private philanthropy of our founder. Our team includes experts from academia, the private sector, the Third Sector, government and digital technology.

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